Giving and Receiving Feedback: A New Imperative

Omar Bermudez,

Giving and receiving feedback are tough for everyone. Who wants to criticize others or be criticized? Although managers have a duty to give honest feedback to staff and peers, many people resist change or differ on how to change—leading to interpersonal conflicts and impacting deliverables. Omar Bermudez explains several techniques—Giving Positive Feedback, Acid Reflux (when you get that sick feeling), and SARA (Surprise, Anger, Rationalization, Acceptance)—that allow people to give and receive honest feedback to promote incremental improvements. Omar explains how to give accurate feedback to and receive the same from senior team members or direct superiors, a skill critical to career advancement. To increase self-esteem, happiness index, and your power to influence, Omar teaches you how to present feedback to your peers, your boss, or other colleagues in a diplomatic and efficient way. Take away key insights into how to create a healthy organizational culture with clear and constructive feedback.

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