Get Ready for Cloud Testing

Meher Nori

In the past few years, deployment of applications in the cloud has become an industry standard. Meher Nori believes that it is very important for QA/testing organizations to understand the impact the cloud may have on them and prepare accordingly. The impact primarily involves a change in the testing strategy, and two items become very important. (1) Security testing and elasticity/scalability testing—new types of tests which previously were not so important—need to be created and executed once an application is hosted in the cloud. (2) Some traditional tests—availability testing and interoperability testing—gain additional prominence when an application is deployed in the cloud. Organizations must understand and prepare for these changes in test strategy. Join Meher and take back the Cloud Testing Readiness Table you can use to assess your ability to test cloud-based applications successfully. This table lists the additional tests that are new and those tests that gain prominence as you build a testing strategy for the cloud.

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