A Flight Plan for Testing to Keep Us Safe

Sid Snook, Software Quality Engineering

Just as an airplane pilot always uses a checklist when preparing for a flight, a test engineer should use a checklist when preparing for testing. Join Sid Snook, a licensed pilot, as he provides comprehensive, high-level testing guidelines, checklists, attack methods, and documentation templates. Sid presents a menu of potential testing items for you to select from based on the unique context of your testing project. Although the complete set of tools is not intended to be applicable on any given project, Sid recommends that all items should be considered for applicability and only be rejected for sound, technically defensible reasons. Note: Project risk may increase in some proportion to the items you do not select-and you may get lost somewhere along the way on your testing trip.

  • The benefits and limitations that come from the use of checklists
  • How the basic axioms of flying and software testing are similar
  • Specific project testing checklists and templates

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