Exploratory Testing: Learn to Do It like a Bloodhound

Susan Zampino

Let’s face it—dogs are born to sniff everything. Using their noses, they gather information from other dogs, people, and most everything. We teach dogs to use their noses to find bombs, predict seizures, locate cancer cells, detect drugs, and so much more. When dogs smell, they are not just recording an odor; they get an entire story. Although testers have fewer scent receptors than dogs, Susan Zampino says that we can learn how to gather information like a dog to drive our exploratory testing. Using active audience participation, Susan will stimulate participants to rely on their sense of “smell” during exploratory testing sessions. Learn and practice multiple new techniques to gather information and uncover hidden risks. With some practice and consistent focus on using your technical, business, and testing experiences, you can become a bloodhound exploratory tester. Share your new skills with your team back home so everyone will get the entire story out of their exploratory efforts.

About the Presenter

Senior IT Quality Assurance Analyst at Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, Susan Zampino has more than twenty years of experience in quality assurance for property casualty insurance companies. Susan is passionate about manual testing, uncovering unique defects, and sharing knowledge. She focuses on solving problems, increasing speed to market, and reducing costs by exploratory testing the highest risks - right stuff at the right time - for the top Enterprise initiatives at Progressive. Susan is part of a community leadership team who's responsible for providing over 630 members of the Progressive testing community weekly collaborative presentations. She enjoys sharing her testing knowledge by coaching and mentoring other testers on test strategy in addition to understanding and applying test design techniques focusing on Exploratory Testing.

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