Exhaustion Is Not a Status Symbol

Melissa Boggs

We set out to transform the world of work with agile, yet we've heard the Scrum sprint cycle described as a “hamster wheel,” an endless conveyor belt of backlog and sprint reviews that developers cannot escape. Join Melissa Boggs in a discussion about the pitfalls of a competitive culture and how we in the Scrum community, even with the best of intentions, could be accidentally responsible for continuing to spin the hamster wheel. Hero culture has been discussed before, but have we addressed our own potential culpability in creating it? We need to make sure that the principles and practices of Scrum are being used for good, not for evil. We'll explore the dangers of exhaustion as a status symbol—for our organizational culture, our teams, and ourselves. Discuss the specific risks of inadvertently creating a competitive, exhausted culture within an agile transformation and the ways in which we can leverage the agile values and principles in order to mitigate those risks. Come to take a look inward and assess your own attitudes and views about work-life balance.

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