End-to-End Test Automation with Open Source Technologies

Ramandeep Singh, QA InfoTech

As organizations continue to adopt agile methodologies, testers are getting involved earlier in product testing. They need tools that empower them to manage varied test automation needs for web services, web APIs, and web and mobile applications. Open source solutions are available in abundance. However, most of these solutions are independent and not integrated, significantly increasing the tester’s work around test automation development. Ongoing test automation suite evolution and building a robust regression test suite have become cumbersome. Join Ramandeep Singh as he shares the idea of a comprehensive end-to-end automation framework to minimize the efforts spent in using existing test automation solutions across all aspects of the application. Take back techniques to create effective automated tests that are robust and reusable across multiple forms of the same application. Learn to help functional testers effectively use test automation, simplified through a comprehensive framework, to efficiently build automated test cases.

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