End-to-End Automation: Providing Stakeholders Feedback on Quality

Vikas Bhupalam, Intuit Inc.

Are you running automated tests during development yet not providing automated feedback to the project stakeholders? Vikas Bhupalam approached this problem by leveraging and integrating monitoring, logging, and defect tracking systems to provide automatic feedback to stakeholders. Tests are executed using a Java-based framework, and the results are sent to a monitoring tool that shows up as traffic lights on a dashboard. The dashboard links to logs on the server that provide insights into failing tests and root causes of problems. Alerts can be triggered for specific conditions. Change requests are then automatically filed in the defect tracking system with the appropriate severity and priority set. The QA sign off in all environments is provided to DevOps and all other stakeholders in this automated process. Learn about the framework and the integration involved in bringing all these pieces together.


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