Embrace Our Robot Overlords: Make CI Work for You

Brian Thompson

When developing software, teams can often get bogged down with mundane tasks such as code linting, manual testing, or even just deploying code to a particular environment. Everyone dreams of setting up continuous integration to automate this work, but they believe it to be too time-consuming for their current budget. Join Brian Thompson as he discusses how, after many years of manually performing repetitive tasks and occasionally making a mistake in mundane work, he learned to embrace the robot overlords. Learn about a variety of different continuous integration services such as CircleCI, TravisCI, and GitLab CI, and how utilizing continuous integration does not have to be a drain on time. Brian will discuss how CI can be leveraged in a repeatable way so as not to use up project budgets before starting development. Take home ways to inject small quality checks into your development workflows so you can easily make the case to your boss or project manager for why you should spend additional time on continuous integration.

About the Presenter

Brian Thompson , a former outdoorsman turned web developer, currently leads a team of more than twenty developers in the creation and maintenance of digital experiences. As the director of web engineering at Mindgrub Technologies, Brian oversees all the web projects in addition to the odd robotics project. During his time as a tech guru, Brian has built and maintained websites across a variety of platforms and through a variety of traffic spikes. Through this work he has had to handle website availability for high-traffic video sharing websites (doing upwards of five million unique visitors per day), crowdfunding websites for Beyonce and other celebrities, and other e-commerce websites processing hundreds of thousands of orders per day. He can frequently be found writing code (PHP and NodeJS), maintaining infrastructure, managing his team, and baking—he has a reputation for delicious cakes and sweet treats.

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