Elegant Dev and Test Processes for a More Civilized Age

Melissa Benua

Software engineering as a discipline has come a long way. For some teams, months-long cycles of dev-test-build-release have shrunk down to mere days—or even hours. In the fastest, leanest organizations, most testing happens in parallel with development as part of a slick, continuous integration pipeline. Come along with Melissa Benua as she explores just how quickly and safely a product can be released using ultramodern engineering technologies. All testers know how to file a bug, but more testers should know how to configure a continuous integration (CI) pipeline tool, how to wrest code coverage and complexity metrics from it, how to wire-in automated testing and monitoring, and how to author tests to take full advantage of that paradigm. Walk with Melissa through the stages of true CI and continuous development that power software startups and mega-corporations alike. Take a deep-dive into the crucial technical skills that top software testers bring to the table to help their organizations push to the next level. Are you ready to step into the future of software testing?

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