Doing Agile in a Waterfall World? Without Breaking Your Neck

Jared Richardson, RoleModel Software

Although many of us want to use only agile practices, we often work alongside teams with strong waterfall traditions. If you’ve had trouble finding ways for your agile ideas to co-exist peacefully with traditional lifecycles, this session is for you. Jared Richardson describes key integration points between waterfall and agile teams, and demonstrates the best ways to work together-or to perform clean hand-offs, if necessary. He shows how to use adaptive planning while still providing accurate progress status to traditional PMO counterparts. Jared reviews popular agile practices and discusses how they best function in a hybrid environment. Together, you and Jared will build a common vocabulary, examine two project models-one traditional and one agile, and then combine them in a hybrid that keeps the best of both worlds. Leave knowing how to link a traditional project's large, coarse-grained goals to an individual story in a short iteration-without breaking your neck on waterfall!

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