Docker Containers in the Enterprise DevOps Journey

Aater Suleman

As technology moves from being a cost-center to a revenue generator in nearly every business, technologists are expected to deliver more with fewer resources. DevOps enables this efficiency through improved collaboration between product management, development, release management, quality assurance, information security, and operations. However, Aater Suleman says that the challenge of incorporating DevOps into a business is no small task. Improving this collaboration requires cross-functional technologies that benefit all departments. By this definition, Docker may well be the most important tool in the DevOps toolbox as it allows empowering and permeable interfaces to be built between different departments throughout the DevOps loop. Aater explores both the Dev and Ops tracks of three companies and examines advantages that were achieved using Docker containers. He shows how Docker containers can work in environments from development to production and shares how this effort can be empirically tracked using five key performance indicators.

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