DevOpsing Your Greenfield: Cultivating New Growth

Richard Mills

Your project sponsor presents a golden opportunity with a brand-new project, saying, "I want to do some DevOps on our new agile project!" Sigh. Your response: "How about we be agile and adopt a DevOps approach to structuring our teams, designing our architecture, and leveraging automation to rapidly deliver value to our customers?" There—we've set the mood. Greenfield projects provide a unique opportunity for us as DevOps professionals because they don't come with baggage. But where you do you actually start? Unlike legacy projects, new projects don't have a set of pre-existing challenges that can be prioritized and attacked. We have to "just do everything." Rich Mills will provide his strategy for putting a solid DevOps solution in place. He'll describe how to set up well-integrated teams, establish a DevOps platform, organically grow an initial DevOps pipeline with continuous integration and continuous delivery, and integrate automated testing into every phase. This will give you a pragmatic formula to inject DevOps into your new projects or assess your current projects.

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