A DevOps Team's Journey Toward Behavior-Driven Development

Laurent Py

DevOps teams struggle to ensure quality in multiple daily deployments. Traditional testing approaches have often failed in this context, but there are exciting new ways to test. Laurent Py and Vincent Prêtre will explain how, at Hiptest, DevOps teams combine behavior-driven development (BDD) techniques with business metrics analysis to continuously assert the quality of their product. BDD scenarios align teams to a common goal, and users provide feedback to ensure their needs are met. The team transforms usage scenarios into tests that enable developers to deliver the functionality expected, and product analytics are collected to ensure that the functionality is valuable to users. Analytics data is then used to learn how the new feature impacts the user experience. Laurent and Vincent will explain how this approach reduces siloed communication and combines scenarios and data in living documentation. You will learn how short feedback loops enable the development team to quickly implement features that matter based on users’ observations, creating high-quality software and delivering features that your users really need.


[video:https://youtu.be/11YQ9KyFrSw width:300 height:200 align:right]

About the Presenter

With more than fifteen years of experience as a developer and product manager, Laurent Py is now product manager at Hiptest, a continuous testing platform dedicated to agile and DevOps teams. Hiptest helps product owners, developers, and testers collaborate to build the right product faster.

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