DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects

Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace

The promise of DevOps is that we can push new ideas out to market faster while avoiding delivering serious defects into production. Andreas Grabner explains that testers are no longer measured by the number of defect reports they enter, nor are developers measured by the lines of code they write. As a team, you are measured by how fast you can deploy high quality functionality to the end user. Achieving this goal requires testers to increase their skills. It’s all about finding solutions—not just problems. Testers must transition from reporting “app crashes” to providing details such as “memory leak caused by bad cache implementation.” Instead of reporting “it’s slow,” testers must discover “wrong hibernate configuration causes too much traffic from the database.” Using three real-life examples, Andreas illustrates what it takes for testing teams to become part of the DevOps transformation—bringing more value to the entire organization.

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