Development Productivity: The Science behind Motivation

Russell Pannone, We Be Agile

When there is a defined task with a clear set of rules to follow, rewards are an excellent way to encourage desired behavior. In situations where creativity, innovation, and thinking “outside the box” are essential-as in software development-rewards are actually a terrible strategy to use. They narrow the person’s focus and restrict possibilities. When it comes to your creative work, wouldn’t you be happier and more motivated if you were given the freedom to choose how you work? Russell Pannone discusses the science behind motivation and reports on research showing that, when doing knowledge work, reward-based systems actually hinder our efforts. Learn better ways to motivate yourself and your team-ways that allow individuals and groups to control the direction of their work, fulfill their desire to excel, and do something that really matters. Find out how a new paradigm for self-motivation results in less frustration, more enjoyment at work, and more creativity and innovation.

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