Developing a Testing Center of Excellence

Mona Lane, Aetna

In spite of well-established testing processes, many organizations still are struggling to achieve consistent, reliable testing results. Are testing deliverables completed incorrectly? Is your organization slow to react to change? A Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) provides oversight of the testing efforts across the enterprise to help provide the best testing services possible and adapt more rapidly to innovations and challenges. Mona Lane shares the strategy Aetna followed to build a successful TCOE. Originally focused on one specific area-test tools-it evolved and continues to expand to encompass all aspects of testing. She shares the checklists they've developed to review testing artifacts for consistency and how these reviews are helping Aetna improve quality. Join Mona to explore the types of test metrics Aetna uses to identify knowledge gaps and how these metrics are helping improve both their training plans and testing processes.

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