Design Patterns in Automated Testing: May the Power Be with You

Bindu Laxminarayan,

To keep up with ever-changing systems, most test automation developers spend countless hours updating, reworking, debugging, and validating test scripts. In an agile environment, keeping up is even more difficult. Bindu Laxminarayan explores powerful design patterns and coding practices she uses to maintain, extend, and reuse the test automation scripts. These design patterns will aid you in developing a robust automation framework and cut down the time you spend on routine maintenance tasks. Bindu describes and illustrates specific design patterns: Template Design Pattern, Test Object Pattern, Component Object Pattern, and Page Object Pattern. Take back code samples to help you understand the patterns in detail. By putting these patterns into practice, you'll improve test case development and make script debugging more efficient. Ultimately, you’ll improve the ROI of automation-and your quality of life as a test automation developer.

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