Decoupled System Interface Testing at FedEx

Chris Reites, FedEx Services

If you work in a large-scale environment, you know how difficult it is to have all the systems “code complete” and ready for testing at the same time. In order to fully test end-to-end scenarios, you must be able to validate results in numerous systems. But what if all those systems are not available for you to begin testing? Chris Reites describes “decoupled testing,” an enterprise-level solution for managing interface data for capture, injection, simulation, and comparison all along your testing paths. Decoupled testing provides the ability to validate and independently test systems without having to rely on end-to-end testing. This is accomplished by capturing intermediate interface transactions at pre-determined, critical points during processing and comparing them against previously captured or generated expected results. Chris shares a case study on how this approach has benefited FedEx on critical customer-facing systems.

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