A Death Knell for Traditional Test Labs

Ken Johnston, Microsoft

In this jab at the traditional test lab approach to testing software and Web services, Ken Johnston explains the what, why, and how of the practices and processes for testing in production (TiP). He describes how cloud computing is changing the cost model of developing Web services and testing them efficiently. Learn about the role of system deployment as an enabler of dynamic, timely testing and how to get immediate feedback from some of the best testers anywhere-customers and users. Find out about the coming intersection of pre-deployment test automation and production monitoring as you discover the immense value of emulation tools. See how test hooks in production systems enable testers to “see” inside a system while it’s live. You'll hear the death knell sounding as the growing use of parallel flights, experimentation, and exposure control-all enabled by cloud computing and new test automation patterns-eventually sends many test labs to the junk heap.

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