A Day in the Life of a Test Architect

Lee Hawkins

Although Lee Hawkins stumbled into testing—in 1999 after migrating from the UK to Australia amid a tech boom time—he has since become a passionate member of the worldwide testing community and currently holds the title of principal test architect. So, what does that really mean? A test architect at Dell Software provides technical leadership and strategic direction for testing, and Lee describes what that means in his day-to-day work. His position involves advocacy for great new testing ideas gleaned from the wider testing community, mentoring new testers, and coaching testing teams in using context-appropriate approaches to their work. This leadership role extends beyond Dell, too, so a typical day might include sharing knowledge with a meetup group, blogging on a testing topic, or helping a new speaker with a conference proposal. Join Lee to discover that testing is far from being a dead-end career and learn how you can become an active participant in your testing community.

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