Data Curation: Refine and Shine

Michael Hobbs

We now live in a world where data is generated with every action taken. From buying groceries to walking the dog, we're generating data all the time, everywhere. Companies are starting to undertake harnessing that data efficiently for business cases, and that requires developing a process around data curation. This process must determine which data to curate, how to maintain curated data, and when to delete stale data. A robust data curation process agreed upon by stakeholders is essential to mining data effectively if you want to strike gold. Michael Hobbs will walk through the lifecycle of data curation, illuminating key insights and experiences gained from Dell EMC's data curation process. Most importantly, he'll correlate the importance of good data curation with successful business cases. You'll learn the fundamental requirements that enable businesses to convert a data swamp into a data gold mine.

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