Creating a Risk-based Testing Strategy

Mary LeMieux-Ruibal, Sogeti USA

An efficient test finds the most important defects as early as possible and at the lowest possible cost. The challenge for many of us is determining which tests are most important to execute and when to perform them. Mary LeMieux-Ruibal and Mirkeya Capellán introduce a simple approach for implementing a risk-based test strategy to ensure that test plans are well-organized and help find those “big” defects first. After an overview for determining test scope, objectives, and goals, Mary and Mirkeya explore the characteristics of effective tests and discuss how to use risk factors to prioritize and categorize test types. Based on TMap® Next testing methodology, Mary and Mirkeya outline easy-to-follow steps for determining the probability of a component failing and how to weigh the costs of a potential failure against the costs of executing tests to check the component. Join this session and learn how to quickly identify the most efficient strategy for test execution.

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