Creating High-Performing Teams at Spotify

Catherine Fleres

In a scaled agile world of practitioners with diverse software development experience, how should leaders and coaches support teams' continuous improvement and ensure they are using best practices in engineering, ways of working, and culture? This is the question Spotify agile coaches Catherine Fleres and Erin McManus asked themselves over the last year. They’ll recount an approach in engaging teams from the start, instead of imposing specifics from leadership. Input was gathered from teams and leaders about what principles and engineering practices they value in order to create an assessment for teams and visualizations to measure continuous improvement. You’ll leave this session with a couple of key takeaways: It’s important to get buy-in from tech leadership up front, and alignment on tech principles, areas of improvement, and best practices is best conducted from the team level upwards, not the other way around. Finally, you can use a tech principles self-assessment to measure continuous improvement of a team and an organization as a whole over time.

About the Presenter

Catherine Fleres is an Agile Coach who has worked at Spotify since January 2017. She specializes in coaching teams and leaders to help them build better products faster, and create a safe environment conducive to value delivery. Catherine started her agile journey by working as a consultant for Cisco, then worked with several other companies across the US before landing at Spotify. In that time she obtained the CSM, CSPO, and CSP certifications, as well as getting the opportunity to conduct training classes for these same courses alongside Rick Regueira, CEC. She speaks at Agile Conferences across the US, including Agile 2017, Agile Coach Camp NYC, and Open Space Orlando, on topics like Scrum, Kanban, Leadership, and Spotify. Today, Catherine lives with her husband and corgi in Highlands, NJ.

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