Creating Habitable Code

Jeffrey Fredrick, Independent Consultant

A major challenge for software organizations is to create software that can continue to adapt and change over time-a codebase the team can live with "forever." Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius review the concepts and features of CruiseControl, a popular continuous integration tool that provides an architecture for habitable code. CruiseControl is an open source success story, contributed to by more than 200 different developers and downloaded more than 400,000 times. For developers who are tired of brittle code that often must be discarded and rewritten instead of reused, CruiseControl provides valuable lessons and a design that encourages reuse. Jeffrey and Paul discuss inversion of control, dependency injection, separation of concerns, and the role of a project architect in creating habitable code. Although the code examples will be in Java, the principles are language independent. Learn about a toolkit full of practices that help you create habitable code. Take back a checklist that will help remediate your team's code from fragile to firm.

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