Create Products That Customers Love: A Testing Perspective

Steve Hares, eBay

Have you ever stood in line at midnight to buy the latest release of a product? Have you worked on a product that created such delight in customers that they camped out overnight to be the first to buy it? Though this level of customer devotion is rare, it is possible to create everyday products that your customers will love. In the past, the designers and developers have received the lion’s share of the credit, but the role of quality teams is just as important in creating this level of success. From being the defender of the customer experience, to working directly with customers, to providing feedback to designers, testers make significant contributions. Stephen Hares describes actionable items—working closely with customers, treating product requirements as a quality deliverable, and modeling test strategies to be customer-centric. Learn to be more actively and effectively involved in the development of—and champions for—products that customers love.

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