Create a One-Page Capacity Model for High-Traffic Web Applications

Dan Bartow, SOASTA Inc.

In the test lab and in production everything hinges on looking at the right performance metrics. A common problem for engineering teams is that they don’t know what metrics they should be analyzing. It’s easy to get lost in an ocean of data from disparate monitoring tools and end up with no answers to the simplest questions about performance and capacity. The reality is that to build an effective capacity model, engineers only need to track three key metrics from each tier. Using a technique perfected during a decade of performance engineering on some of the world’s highest traffic web applications, Dan Bartow shares techniques for building one of the most useful tools a team can have—the one-page capacity model. Learn the critical metrics to monitor at each tier for the most common application technologies and how to turn this knowledge into a reference page that teams will rely on in every aspect of performance management for years to come.

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