Contract Testing with Pact: A Different Approach

Mihail Mikulaninec

With the microservice architecture evolving and becoming a golden standard, the necessity of testing the contracts between services appears to be more and more obvious. One of the most interesting solutions here is the Pact tool, which helps with testing and verifying the API contracts in a CI/CD manner and opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. However, the devil is always in the details: the implementation. We need to configure the Pact mock servers, but similar configurations are often needed across all the different parts of testing, from the verification of the providers to end-to-end testing. So why don’t we have a single point of configuration to be used in all of these situations? Join Mihail Mikulaninec to learn some classic approaches to testing with Pact—and expand them—in this exciting journey in microservices development.

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