Continuous Test Improvement in a Rapidly Changing World

Martin Pol, Polteq Testing Services BV

Classical test process improvement models no longer fit in organizations adopting the newest development approaches. Instead, a more flexible approach is required today. Solutions like SOA, virtualization, web technology, cloud computing, mobile, and the application of social media have dramatically changed the IT landscape. In addition, we are innovating the way we develop, test, and manage. Many organizations are moving toward a combination of agile/scrum, context-driven testing, continuous integration and delivery, DevOps, and TestOps. Effective test automation has become a prerequisite for success. All of this requires a different way of improving testing, an adaptable way that responds to innovations in both technology and development. Martin shares a roadmap that enables you to translate the triggers and objectives for test improvement into actions that can be implemented immediately. Learn how to achieve continuous test improvement in any situation, and take away a practical set of guidelines to enable a quick start.

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