Continuous Delivery Dojo: From Doing Agile to Being Agile

Lisa Maurer

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State Farm adopted an innovative approach to a common problem many organizations face with agile transformation: How do you influence, nurture, and support a whole scale culture of agility? How do you move from doing agile to being agile? The solution was to institute a continuous delivery dojo. State Farm is going on its third year of supporting delivery teams at scale in enhancing agile maturity and establishing a continuous delivery culture. The dojo represents a dedicated place to work with teams to change mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets. It also represents an opportunity to walk our talk around continuous improvement, and our lessons learned have been vast. Join Lisa Maurer as she shares the history and vision of State Farm's CD Dojo, its challenges, and success factors. You'll learn about their hyper sprints, staffing models, value-add results, and underlying transformation process so you too can go from doing agile to being agile.

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