Coloring Outside the Lines: Web Services Interoperability Testing

Christopher Ferris, IBM Software Group, Standards Strategy

Web services interoperability testing is complex, subjective, and unlike traditional testing in many ways. The Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) organization provides a wealth of materials and tools about interoperability. With this help, his organization increased the confidence in the interoperability of their Web services-beyond the scope of vendors' testing tools. Christopher describes the WS-I test information that helped justify additional interoperability testing. In addition, WS-I testing tools helped him determine when their Web services "colored outside the lines" by going beyond what the Web services community has agreed upon as the foundations for interoperability. Learn to assess your specific implementation against the WS-I Profiles requirements while determining if your application's Web services extensibility points could adversely affect interoperability. Go beyond the test designs of traditional applications to help assure that your Web services operate as advertised-the first time and every time.

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