A CMMI® Success Story: What Happens in Guadalajara Doesn't Stay in Guadalajara

Jeff Fiebrich and Diego Garay, Freescale Semiconductors, Inc.

Can a group of software developers, located in Mexico, achieve CMMI® certification and set the standard for their larger U.S. parent company to follow? A software branch of Freescale Semiconductors Inc., located in Guadalajara, did exactly that. Developing the CMMI® processes and procedures that made business sense for a remote software group was tricky, but not as tricky as assuring that they aligned their practices with the parent company's processes and requirements. The months of work that led to this achievement were filled with high points-and big challenges. Jeff Fiebrich discusses the planning, budgeting, and implementation that contributed to their ultimately successful CMMI® certification. He addresses the collaboration between their parent company and the local government that was an essential part of this effort. And, most importantly, Jeff reveals the immediate impact of their certification on the entire company.

CMMI® is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.

  • The CMMI® certification process for remote development groups
  • The parent company's role in CMMI® certification
  • How to motivate your staff to achieve certification

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