Checking Performance along Your Build Pipeline

Andreas Grabner, Compuware

Do you consider the performance impact when adding a new JavaScript file, a single AJAX call, or a new database query to your app? Negligible, you say? I disagree―and so should you. Andreas Grabner demonstrates the severe impact small changes can have on performance and scalability. Many small changes will have an even bigger impact so it is important to catch them early. If you are working with a delivery pipeline, make sure to look into performance, scalability, and architectural metrics such as the number of resources on your page, size of resources, number of requests hitting your web servers, database statements executed, and log messages created. Monitoring these allows you to add a new quality gate to your delivery pipeline and prevents major problems. Andi shares a handful of metrics to teach to your developers, testers, and operations folks, and explains why they are important to performance.

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