Business Rules-Based Test Automation

Harish Krishnankutty, Infosys Technologies Limited

All business applications implement business rules. Unfortunately, the rules can be very dynamic due to changes in requirements by external organizations and internal forces. Wise application designers and developers do not imbed the implementation of specific business rules within applications but define, store, and maintain them as data outside the applications that use them. Likewise, wise testers now use a similar approach called business rules-based test automation in which automated test scripts are written against the business rules rather than against the application. This process incorporates technical components such as a robust testing keyword library, a business-friendly user interface, and automated script generators to accelerate the test automation work and cover more business scenarios than with the conventional approach. Harish Krishnankutty guides you through the underlying concepts of business rules-based test automation, describes a roadmap for implementing it, and discusses the benefits of the adoption of this unique approach.

  • Identify business rules used within your organization
  • How to provide better test coverage at lower cost
  • Increase confidence in the reliability of your systems

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