Building Secure Applications

Thomas Stiehm, Coveros, Inc.

The Internet is full of insecure applications that cost organizations money and time, while damaging their reputations when their systems are compromised. We need to build secure applications as never before, but most developers are not now-and never will be-security specialists. By incorporating security controls into the frameworks used to create applications, Tom Stiehm asserts that any organization can imbue security into its applications. Building security into a framework allows highly specialized security experts to create components that maximize your application security profile while reducing the need for your development teams to have specialized application security knowledge. Learn to pick the right places in your framework to insert security controls and then enforce their use. Join Tom to explore real-world security controls he's applied to commonly used application frameworks. Find out how to map security vulnerabilities to the security controls that manage those vulnerabilities and where to place those controls in your framework.

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