Building Quality In: Adopting the Tester’s Mindset

Stephen Vance, Stellar Advances

When trying to improve the development process, agile and lean transformations often start by focusing on engineering. Product management and development get a lot of attention; however, tester is not one of the defined Scrum roles. Despite the attention given to automated tests in agile, many transformations seem lost in knowing how to engage testers—and testers struggle to find their place. But the tester’s mindset―applying an investigatory and explorative perspective for empirical and hypothesis-driven improvement―is essential to agile transformation at all organizational levels, from the individual team to the board room. Stephen Vance shows how applying the tester’s mindset at the beginning of development more effectively supports efforts to build quality in—rather than detecting problems after they occur. Learn how to flip your thinking by applying the tester’s mindset to drive change, incorporating ideas from software craftsmanship, systems thinking, lean manufacturing, lean startup, Net Promoter System, and more.

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