Building on Existing Infrastructure for Mobile Applications

Anthony Carlson, Farm Credit Services of America

In 2013 Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) wanted to enter the mobile application arena so their customers could manage their FCSAmerica lending accounts. Anthony Carlson explains that in the previous thirteen years, FCSAmerica had built an SOA infrastructure for internal applications, including services for customer authentication, lending accounts, and remote check depositing. However, mobility had not been considered when the services were created, and these services were internally protected by a firewall inside their DMZ. If your company has concerns of exposing services to a mobile app, yet wants to reuse what already exists in the enterprise, then the concept of designing services through an API Gateway may be your answer. API Gateways are part of an API Management solution to deal with issues of integration and security. Anthony shares the benefits, challenges, and results of designing a system with an API Management solution to expose services to a mobile application.

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