Building Better Teams through Better Interviewing

Michael Kahn, MK

As manager of a software team, you often rely on your staff for assistance when conducting technical interviews to fill positions in your organization. However, even the most technically competent people may not necessarily be good interviewers. Some reasons include lack of interest, thinking that they "can just tell" if a candidate is a good fit, or simply not knowing the fundamentals of interviewing. All these issues must be addressed to improve the interviewing skills of your staff. Michael Kahn discusses the direct and indirect costs of a bad hire and why your staff should take interviewing seriously. He focuses on pre-interview planning-what should be done beforehand to achieve a successful interview. Learn to design effective questions for assessing not only the technical skills of software professionals but also their ability to fit socially within your team. Take back a systematic approach for evaluating candidates after the interviews to choose the best possible person for your team.

  • Effective interviewing methods and practices for technical hiring
  • How to assess technical skills in the interview
  • A systematic approach for evaluating candidates

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