Build Your Open Source Performance Testing Platform in the Cloud

Gopal Brugalette

Proprietary performance testing platforms can be complex, expensive, and difficult to scale. With the right approach, everything from continuous integration, to continuous deployment pipelines, to full-scale production loads can be supported, but a dizzying array of platforms, services, and approaches available in AWS and the open-source community must be navigated to arrive at solutions that work. Join Gopal Brugalette and explore how to build a performance testing platform in the cloud using open source tools. Gopal shares what he has learned from his failures and successes, explains why he's made the technical decisions he did, what he might have done differently, and how to create a roadmap for success. Attendees will gain insights into building a cloud-based performance testing platform using open-source and cloud tools to improve capabilities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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