Build the "Right Software" to Delight Your Customer

Unmesh Gundewar, EMC Corporation

Many companies have implemented quality programs such as CMM®, TQM, Six Sigma, etc., to improve requirements and software development. However, these initiatives often focus on building the software right-meeting quality expectations and specifications-but do not necessarily focus on building the right software-the right functionality at the right time and at the right cost from the customer's perspective. Unmesh Gundewar explains how EMC employed the Goal, Question, Metric (GQM) methodology to identify key measurements that ensure the "right software" is being developed. Learn how EMC applies the Six Sigma approach to drive these measurements into the organization and the resulting software. Move beyond the processes designed to get functional requirements and specifications right as Unmesh shares experiences, the challenges faced, and lessons learned from building the right software.

  • Goal, Question, Metrics approach for defining the right software to build
  • The right balance of functionality, cost, and time to deliver
  • Six Sigma for software development.

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