Breakthroughs in Measurement and Benchmarking

Howard Rubin, META Group Inc

The "business of IT" is in the limelight more than ever. The economic, regulatory, and geopolitical changes of the past three years have made companies rethink everything from their IT cost structure to their service delivery models and the value of software to their enterprise. CIO's have asked for innovations to make software development more agile and adaptive and ways to more effectively communicate with their business units. These pressures have driven leaders to implement breakthrough ideas resulting in a focus on new (and more important) measures of performance. Quantitative techniques are now available to better align business and IT through the implementation of powerful and expressive product/service catalog structures. If your organization embraces these new methods and techniques, it will benefit from full transparency and an enterprise view of its software portfolio as a critical business asset. Join Howard Rubin for a look at the latest advancements in measurement, benchmarking, scorecards, catalogs, and value communication. Learn what you need to do to run your software development organization like a business!

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