Boundary, Authority, Role and Task (BART) Analysis

Dan Mezick, New Technology Solutions

If your Scrum practices-or any agile processes-aren't working as effectively as they might, this class may be just what you need! When teams have trouble executing their work processes, the root cause is often ambiguous definitions of boundary, authority, role, or task-what Dan Mezick calls BART definitions. Although the Scrum framework, effectively implemented, provides excellent BART definitions and structure, sometimes theory and practice don't match. Dan describes how agile teams can employ BART analysis to uncover organizational problems that impact group performance. With a detailed BART analysis, you can identify and isolate effective ground rules for interactions among group members. These ground rules positively impact behavior and foster cultural improvements. In a lively discussion format, Dan introduces the fundamentals of BART analysis and applies it to Scrum. Join the interaction and learn how to use BART to quickly get to a hyper-productive state with your organization's processes.

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