Beyond the Silver Lining: Testing Go Daddy's Cloud

Brent Strange, Go Daddy

The cloud offers users a way to easily access applications and data from anywhere on any device. However, behind that simple façade lies a colossal testing challenge. Go Daddy's Storage as a Service and the surrounding SOA consist of technologies galore. Test automation and coverage do not come easily with a technology portfolio that includes PHP, Perl, Python, C++, MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Cassandra-to name just a few. Join Brent Strange to see how engineers at Go Daddy solve these problems by working together to build a test automation infrastructure and QA processes that ensure the dependability, scalability, and high quality of Go Daddy's next generation cloud storage solution. Brent shares the SOA automation frameworks and some techniques that Go Daddy employs to provide test coverage across all technologies, layers, and environments. Discover how four years of triumphs and woes ultimately morphed into quality assurance that is built into every step of an agile SDLC.

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