Beyond a Scrum of Scrums: Scaling Up Agile with Kanban

Gil Irizarry, Constant Contact Software

Backlogs, story point planning, sprints, and retrospectives-Scrum describes processes that work well at the team level. But more is needed to integrate multiple scrum teams that must work closely together. Although the traditional response is to hold daily Scrum of Scrum meetings, planning and executing multi-team, multi-sprint efforts require more coordination and defined practices than a Scrum of Scrums offers. Gil Irizarry describes how his organization combined the best of Scrum and Kanban to manage large development efforts. They evolved better estimation techniques for the bigger picture and learned why and how to establish different classes of service for projects. Discover where continuous integration and deployments fit into the picture and some of the missteps encountered before employing Scrum and Kanban together. Gil demonstrates and discusses how they track cycle times for backlog items and the methods used for multi-team planning. Get ready to expand agile implementation beyond your team.

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