Beyond Functional Testing: On to Conformance and Interoperability

Derk-Jan Grood, Collis

Although less well known than security and usability testing, conformance and interoperability testing are just as important. Even though conformance and interoperability testing-about standards and thick technical specifications documents-may seem dull, Derk-Jan De Grood believes that these testing objectives can be interesting and rewarding if you approach them the right way. SOA is one example in which numerous services must interact correctly with one another-conform to specs-to implement a system. Conformance and interoperability testing ensures that vendors' scanners can read your badge in the EXPO and that your bank card works in a foreign ATM. Derk-Jan explains important concepts of interface standards and specifications and discusses the varied test environments you need for this type of testing. Get insight into the problems you must overcome when you perform conformance and interoperability testing.

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