Better Software Conference West 2015: Making Numbers Count: Metrics That Matter

Mike Trites, PQA Testing

As testers and test managers, we are frequently asked to report to stakeholders on the progress and results of our testing. Questions like How is testing going? may seem simple enough, but the answer is ultimately based on our ability to extract useful metrics from our work and present them in a meaningful way. This is particularly important in agile environments where clear, concise, and up-to-date metrics may be needed multiple times each day. Mike Trites identifies a number of ways we can use metrics to measure progress during a test cycle and, ultimately, to determine when testing should be considered complete. Learn the common pitfalls of metrics misuse and how you can avoid them by giving proper context when communicating metrics to your stakeholders. Discover key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your testing and how to use what you learn on one project to improve your testing process on future projects.

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