Best Practices for Implementing Crowdsourced Testing

Rajini Padmanaban, QA InfoTech

Global markets, quick time to market, and a feature-rich design are major drivers in determining many products’ success. Product companies and businesses with customer-facing systems are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and testing techniques to control these driving forces. One such software testing technique gaining popularity is crowdsourced testing. With its scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and fast turnaround, crowdsourcing brings new solutions to many testing problems. Is it a perfect solution for all product companies to leverage? Not necessarily. Rajini Padmanaban describes the best practices in implementing a crowdsourced test effort. She discusses whether or not crowdsourcing makes sense for a given product; what, when, and how to crowdsource; what risks exist; and how to mitigate the risks. Rajini focuses on practical and actionable points to make the right choices in a crowdsourced test effort in order to maximize the benefits the model offers.

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