Becoming a Kick-*** Test Manager

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Want to be a great test manager for your team? A leader your company values highly? Too many test managers do what their organization asks-rather than what their organization needs-and hope for good things to happen. Great test managers are leaders who don’t accept the status quo. They continuously seek ways to improve testing processes and practices. Instead of whining about needing more resources, they set priorities and get things done. They know who or what they need, why and when they need it, and persevere to obtain that person, lab, or tool. They say, “No” when that’s the right answer. So, are these people mythical creatures, or do they really exist? They exist, all right! Johanna Rothman shares stories from her test manager past and tales from the great test managers she knows. Join this inspiring session to find new ways to control your workload, understand what your testers are really doing, and grow to become a top leader-no matter your role.

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