Balancing Tech Know-How with Social Skills

Marcia Buzzella

Even today, communication breakdowns are a primary cause of software project failures. Marcia Buzzella’s research shows that increasing the success rate of projects across agile, DevOps, and waterfall methods requires a balance of social and technical capabilities. Social interactions enable us to assess situations and course correct in ways machines cannot. By strengthening your individual social capabilities (i.e., improving communication techniques and building supportive relationships), you can help transform how testing activities are perceived and help stakeholders understand how testing objectives align with overall project goals. Marcia offers guidance on assessing your current communication skills—what you do well and what needs to improve—and tactics for enhancing your skills and the skills of your team. She suggests recruiting processes that consider social capabilities and methods for getting the most from soft skill training sessions. Learn how positive social interactions among team members facilitate knowledge sharing, promote trust, and, perhaps most importantly, align expectations. Leave with new insights into the value of social skills and how those skills contribute to team and project success.

About the Presenter

With almost twenty years of experience in the testing industry, Marcia Buzzella enjoys using her knowledge, attention to detail, and inquisitive nature to collaboratively solve problems, set objectives, deliver results, and help others be successful or improve. Marcia’s favorite aspect of her job is coaching software test professionals on how to build relationships and improve interactions with project stakeholders regarding testing tasks. Her doctoral thesis research focused on understanding the required soft skills for software testers and how those capabilities influence IT project success.

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