Balance Discovery and Delivery with Dual-Track Agile

Sean McKeever

Do your product teams frequently struggle to have groomed and well-defined stories ready for the developers? Do you find yourselves frequently in “feed the beast” mode to keep your development teams busy? Do your product teams have problems gaining shared understanding across product management, interaction designers, developers, and QA? If so, your product teams manifest the symptoms of single-track agile—and this session is for you. Sean McKeever explains the key steps in establishing dual-track agile methodologies at your organization, presents his experiences, and provides discussion opportunities. Sean explores specific discovery techniques and tools that can be used to tackle difficult product problems. A major outcome of these changes is to always have one or two sprints of discovered and groomed backlog ready for your development teams. In addition, using dual-track agile methodologies results in more efficient use of development resources, products that better meet your customer’s needs, and ultimately more success for your organization.

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