Automating Mobile Application Testing with Monkey Talk

Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic

As enterprises scramble for competitive advantage by rapidly creating and deploying compelling mobile applications, testing professionals have been challenged to quickly adopt new tools and processes to provide effective testing. Failing to meet this challenge often can result in "one-star" user ratings that doom the application to failure. While many automation engineers have mastered the available tools for automating web application testing, mobile applications require new kinds of tools that understand the richer palette of user interface components and gestures that comprise modern mobile application interfaces. Stu Stern introduces MonkeyTalk (formerly FoneMonkey and FlexMonkey), a free and open source tool that lets testers record, play back, edit, and manage comprehensive functional test automation suites for native Android, iOS, HTML5 and Adobe Flex applications. In addition to the basic operations, learn how to parameterize and datadrive test scripts, create reusable testing libraries, and create cross-platform tests that work with both iOS and Android applications.

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